What We Offer


What We Offer

Euphorix Mobile Disco have a choice of two different disco set ups; Lights & Lasers OR Chic & Elegant. You can choose from either for the same fee. Both set ups include a superb, professional speaker system with two sub woofers which creates a phenomenal sound.

The Music Which You Want To Hear

What do you remember about the last party you were a guest at? We bet it was the music! 

We generally find that at most functions there are a variety of guests who are of different ages and who all like different types of music. Therefore, we find that playing a selection of music from different genres and eras is most welcomed and works very well.

Much of the evening’s music and the role of our DJ, Cameron, will be based on what our clients have asked him to (and not to!) play, taking requests on the night from guests and also reading the crowd so that he can gauge reaction from the dance floor. He uses his judgement and won’t play anything too obscure as this can often kill the dance floor! However, the majority of requests do work well and can be incorporated at an appropriate time. 

We’ve got tracks from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Motown, Soul, Rock and Roll, plus party music and present day chart hits. With a huge library of digital music tracks, which is updated weekly, we are likely to have ‘your song’, or any songs that your guests request.


Get everyone on the dance floor with ‘Euphorix Mobile Disco’!