Frequently Asked Questions

Like any other business, the cost does vary should you shop around. However, we very much believe in the old saying “you get what you pay for” and our fees are well within the national average for mobile discos. Our charge is based on when and where the function will take place, how far we will have to travel and how long the event will run for. It is very difficult for us to quote a ‘set price’ as it depends on a number of different factors, and every event is different.
When you give us the information about your function, we can then provide you with a quotation.
Our prices are fully inclusive and always agreed in advance so that there are no hidden surprises or extras to be paid for!
The majority of our discos are for private functions and therefore, it would be most unprofessional of us to invite along potential new clients to view us, where it is a closed event or by invitation only. Furthermore, we respect the privacy of our clients and it would be unethical for us to pass along any contact details of those who have previously used our mobile disco services. However, you can view feedback from our happy clients via the Testimonials page here on our website, on our Facebook page, our ‘Need a Disco’ page, Google + page or on Freeindex where you’ll need to search for ‘Euphorix Mobile Disco’ to locate our listing.
We always invite our clients to have their own input into the type of music to be played and our booking questionnaire has space for you to specify any special song requests and also the type of music you would like (decades, genre, particular artists etc). Also, if there are any DO NOT PLAY songs, let us know and the DJ won’t play them! The music to be played throughout the night is based on the type of event and the age range of the guests in attendance and we’re very happy for people to come up to our DJ booth and make requests for whatever it is they’d like to hear played. Most clients request that we play a wide and popular selection of music during their functions so that there is something for everyone. If you’d like to submit a playlist to us, we’re very happy for you do to so and we will always endeavour to play specially requested music but sometimes it is not possible to acquire obscure tracks or music that hasn’t officially been released here in the UK. It can also be the case that long play lists do not help the DJ build the party atmosphere so if you’d like to submit a playlist, we recommend that you limit this to around 25-30 tracks which allows for continuity, guests requests on the night and our DJ to use his own skills and experience on what will work well and keep the dancefloor occupied! Please don’t forget that you’re paying for our expertise so we will incorporate tracks from playlists or requests where we feel they will they work best.
Absolutely! We really enjoy working alongside live bands or cabaret acts and are more than happy to support any live entertainment that you will have.
No we don’t as we’re very aware that that many of the events we are booked for are social functions where people wish to chat with friends old and new, as well as dance and have a good time. We understand that this is very difficult to do if the DJ is forcing you to shout all night because the music is way too loud!
Generally at the start of the night, we keep the music to background levels so that guests can mingle and chat and then as the night progresses, we can turn the volume up for people to dance to. Please note, if you want LOUD music all night long, we can also cater to this requirement!!!
No, our DJ will use the microphone sparingly, making important announcements when required as we much prefer to let the music do the talking! If you require a ‘Personality DJ’ who will organise adult games, crack jokes and chat on the mic all night long, we regret that we’re not the right disco provider for you and would suggest you look elsewhere.
It is the policy of Euphorix Mobile Disco to ask for a booking fee (typically it will be £50.00 but we will let you know how much to pay), which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The reason that we ask for payment of a booking fee is (a) to secure the booking and (b) to ensure your commitment to the event and the services that you’ve booked. We respectfully ask that you pay your booking fee by cheque or via a direct transfer to our bank account. Please note, we can only guarantee a booking once we are in receipt of the signed contract together with payment of the booking fee, and any cheque has been cleared through our bank.
** The balance of the total fee MUST be received by us before the start of the event – this can either be sent in advance by cheque, or paid via a direct transfer to our bank account or in cash on the night. **
Yes we do! All of our bookings are confirmed with an electronically signed and issued contract to ensure that you have full peace of mind and don’t need to worry about anything ‘disco’ related. Full terms and conditions of booking a disco with us are initially sent to you with our booking questionnaire, prior to any payment being made to us. Once all of your paperwork has been completed and the booking fee paid, a contract will be sent to you via Adobe Document Cloud and you’ll be asked to sign to confirm your agreement.
We are happy to do this, although it is of course subject to agreement with the venue (as they often have licensing restrictions) and payment of an additional fee for our services. The charge is £40.00 per hour or part thereof (so now you know and won’t need to get into a negotiation with us late at night when you may have had a drink or two!!!). This fee must be paid in cash to the DJ, Cameron, before any extra time commences.
Generally at least 60 minutes is required for setting up, and a similar period of time will also been needed at the end of the event to dismantle and reload equipment. This must be taken into account when planning any arrangements. Both of these times are affected by vehicle access – if the car park is close by it can be quicker. Similarly, if a party venue is upstairs, it will take more time for us to set up/take down our equipment as we’ll need to load it into the venues lift.
For our ‘Lights & Laser’ set up, a minimum clear floor space is required of 4 metres x 2 metres with a head height of 3 metres. For our ‘Chic & Elegant’ set up, a minimum clear floor space is required of 3 metres x 2 metres with a head height of 3 metres. If other additional entertainment is booked, such as a live band, adequate floor space must be available for all the performers and changing facilities provided if required.
Two 13amp power points are required, within 5 metres of the set up area. We do carry extension leads, so this is rarely a problem. We will bring our own DJ stand and lighting gantry which is completely self-contained – you do not need to provide anything!
We will always dress smartly and wear identity name badges. For less formal events, we may wear relaxed casual wear with polo shirts or casual shirts. However, for weddings, we dress smartly with black trousers, black waistcoats, shirts and ties. If you have any preferences or special requirements, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.
Not a problem – we’re happy to send these to them. We hold £10 million Public Liability Insurance cover and our disco equipment is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) annually by an independent electrical engineer in order to comply with Health & Safety Guidelines.

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